Wonder: an online Circle of Trust®

Yesterday I was gathering the materials for Sunday’s Circle of Trust® focusing on wonder. It was pretty easy to be filled with wonder, I’ll tell you, so many lovely things to stir mystery and appreciation: the bluest sky streaked with gentle clouds, trees with halos of pale green leaves, the air soft and sweet, and […]

Courage, Renewal & Poetry

At the heart of a Circle of Trust   Sometimes I think I would be an entirely better person if even a quarter of the time I spend scrolling the news, social media and weather reports was spent sitting quietly with a poem. Our Spring Circle of Trust® this past weekend really brought this home. […]

A Spring Circle of Trust®

A Saturday Circle We are really looking forward to our next in person offering: A Spring Circle of Trust®: Transition & Change, It’ll be two hours on Saturday morning, April 13, in Toronto. It’s inspired by a Saturday circle we attended five years ago. Our Inspiration At the time, a Saturday Circle of Trust was new […]

Our approach: Courage & Renewal®

Time and space for you to hear your own truth. It seems that everyone in the marketing world is trying to “help” us solve problems. Stains on your kid’s clothes? We have a solution for that! Need a car that will take you to the top of a mountain or down a gully? We have […]

The Spirit of Reciprocity

“I think that the most we can ever do, really, is to walk partway across the bridge toward another person and feel humbled that we get to be there at all.” ~Michelle Obama, The Light We Carry. Reciprocity is an important principle for the Inside Outside Retreat Centre. We understand that at its core reciprocity is […]


one day, silence will be seen as medicine.   Kind of takes my breath away. You? Read it again.   Silence as medicine. Right?   Makes me pause.     Which makes composing a blog a little tricky.   Why fill up a page with words, noise really, even in praise of silence?   The […]

Pyjamas & Cheetos

I don’t know about you, but it feels like everywhere I turn right now there are admonishments, encouragements and gentle suggestions to start fresh, set some goals, resolve to do better, be better. ​ Gosh, some of what falls on my path is very inviting, very do-able. Like this piece in The Guardian 100 tiny changes to transform your […]

Why Solitude

A lone rock in a field. A sax blowing once and letting the silence move in. ~Stephen Nachmanovitch, The Art of Is. p 177   Why solitude? A strange question, perhaps. But since we’re getting ready for a 75 minute retreat on December 3rd to explore solitude, it’s one that bears asking.   First off, we […]

Embracing Uncertainty

November 4, 2023   Our hearts are heavy. So many troubles in the world. Grief. Confusion. Uncertainty.   Whether we are directly impacted by current events or not, holding on to hope right now seems hard, very hard. Even talking about hope can feel frivolous, as if we are denying the realities spilling around us. […]

A change in season

The shift from one season to next is definitely underway here in Toronto. The mornings and evenings are cool (so good for sleeping) and the daytime sun warms the shoulders in such a comforting way. This change in season invites us to think about what lies ahead and how we’d like meet it. We’re happy […]